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Expert Advice for Packing & Moving Books

For many homeowners, a book collection is a point of pride and an important element in their interior decor. Books can hold emotional as well as functional significance and their presence in any room adds an important personal touch. However, when it comes time to move, an extensive book collection can be difficult to work with. Books are heavy and take up precious cargo space. Luckily, there are some expert tips for packing books for a move that will streamline the process.

Consider Weight & Volume

Many moving services and companies charge by weight rather than by amount of space in a truck. Unfortunately, with books being so heavy, this can rack up your moving bill a considerable amount. Before packing everything, take some time to go through your books and thin the collection where you can. If you’re not sure where to start, try separating books into piles based on how likely you are to read them again or if they are rare special editions, you won’t find anywhere else. Any books that don’t make the cut should go into a bag or box to donate to your local library and the remaining books will weigh and cost you less to move.

Separate Paperbacks & Hardbacks

The secret to packing books efficiently is to pack paperbacks and hardbacks differently. Paperbacks should lay flat in a moving box to make as many horizontal stacks as possible. Hardcovers, however, are best packed standing up vertically just like they are on the shelf. This will save you a ton of space and make sure you can get as many books as possible into one box. To protect hardback covers from damage, wrap the books in packing paper. This protects the jackets by reducing friction between books. If you have especially valuable or delicate volumes, consider packing them in an entirely separate box labeled for extra careful handling.

Prioritize Placement

Once the books are in boxes (properly sealed up and labeled) it’s crucial for them to fit into the rest of the packing process efficiently. Book boxes should always go on the bottom level of your packing, whether they’re in a moving truck or in the trunk of your car. Books are heavy and stacking them on top of other boxes can be dangerous. It can also lead to damage of items stored below. Try to avoid stacking book boxes if possible and instead use them as a foundation level for your belongings. This means they should be the first thing in and the last thing out when packing and unpacking.

Moving is complex and time-consuming, so every minute and inch saved is worth the effort. Use these tips to pack and move your book collection like a professional and make your experience simpler on both sides of the process.

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